Gabbie Hanna


Gabrielle Jeanette "Gabbie" Hanna, formerly known as The Gabbie Show, is an American Singer/Songwriter, who makes Youtube videos. In 2014 she began making youtube videos, and branched out to music in 2017 with her debut single Out Loud and poetry with her debut book Adultolescence. Her debut album "This Time Next Year", is set to be released in 2020

Early Life

Gabbie was born on February 7, 1991 in New Castle, Pennsylvania. She had six siblings and is of Lebanese, French, and Polish descent. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in psychology and communications. Gabbie worked as a bartender in Pittsburgh, before moving to Ohio for another job, then moving to Los Angeles to pursue her acting and social media career.


In July 2017, Gabbie wrote and recorded "Out Loud". "Out Loud" was released on September 6th, 2017, to promote her book "Adultolesence". It peaked at #3 on iTunes and charted on the US pop and digital sales charts. This inspired Gabbie to begin work on her debut album. On November 21st, 2017, Gabbie released "Satellite" the song peaked at #7 on iTunes, and did not do as well as "Out Loud" because of lack of promotion. On August 1st, 2018, Gabbie announced "Honestly" would be released on August 15th, 2018., after nearly a year since the release of her previous single, "Satelite". When "Honestly" was released, it peaked at #1 on iTunes therefore charted on multiple billboard charts, peaking at #21 on the Billboard bubbling under chart. "Honestly (Encore)" was released along side "Honestly" and peaked at #2 on iTunes. It peaked at #86 in Scotland. On September 19th, 2018, Gabbie announced the title of her debut album: "This Time Next Year". In September 2018, In December 2018, Gabbie reveled that she had created the album cover. "This Time Next Year" has been planned to be released in 2020. On February 1st, 2019, "Medicate" was released. In May 2019, Hanna released her debut EP "2WayMirror", which peaked at #126 on the Billboard 200. This Time Next Year will be released in 2020, with singles beginning in 2020.

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