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"Perfect Day (A True Story)" is a song by American singer-songwriter Gabbie Hanna. It was released on May 31, 2019 independently as the sixth track of her debut extended play 2WayMirror.[1]


In the song, Hanna tells a story about what was essentially a "perfect day" with her boyfriend. All was well until she discovered something would change everything, him cheating on her. 

"Butterflies", the previous song on 2WayMirror, serves like a warning to "Perfect Day" as in the former she sings the line "butterflies will break your heart" while in the latter she also sings about butterflies and how they "ruined her perfect day". 

The song's lyrics seem to have inspired both 2WayMirror's title, as Hanna essentially saw through the other side of her lover's facade like how one would see through a two way mirror, and the artwork, as it shows Hanna staring into a "foggy mirror" that says "I love you". 


It was a perfect day, oh how I've missed this
Such a perfect day, just two misfits sharing kisses

And after all this time you give me butterflies, butterflies
Months go by, I still get butterflies, butterflies
Perfect day, what did I do to deserve this?

[Verse 1]
Went back to your house
And we couldn't help but hold each other
Tangled at the mouth
Took a break so I could take a shower
Washed the sand out of my hair
From our perfect day spent at the beach
Looked into the foggy mirror
Saw a message staring back at me

After all this time you give me butterflies, butterflies
Months go by, I still get butterflies, butterflies
Perfect day, what did I do to deserve this?

[Verse 2]
I saw "I love you" written in the steam
And I couldn't help but smile at the sweet message you left me
But it wasn't in your handwriting
Then those happy little letters
Were the saddest things I've ever seen

You need to get your conscience clean
But just spare me the details, please
I wanna keep remembering this perfect day
I'm not the type to be left speechless
But I don't think I can deal with this
That's all the closure that you'll give
This perfect day
Justifications veiled as apologies
I don't wanna cause a scene
Please let me go, I just wanna leave
This perfect day
Oh, how could you miss this?
Wish you would have wiped it away
Let me live in blissful ignorance
And let me have this perfect day
But you left it all in ruins
We ended on a perfect day
Really wish I could forget this

'Cause after all this time you give me butterflies, butterflies
Why'd you lie? Don't hurt my butterflies, butterflies
Watch them die, you killed my butterflies, butterflies
Butterflies ruined my perfect day

What did I do to deserve this?

Music video

A music video for the song, directed by Ryan Parna, was released on June 7, 2019.[2] The video features Hanna sitting on an empty stage in a black folding chair, lit by only a single spotlight. She uses her acting skills to re-tell the story of what happened by using facial expressions and body language to express her emotions throughout the story. The chair represents her lover, as she sits comfortably while happy, shifts while feeling sad or betrayed, and eventually pushes the chair away from to represent that she is done with relationship.[3]


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